23 Mar Experience Brands, Expect Results

There may be a new meaning to, “the customer is always right.” In an article by SmallBusiness.co.uk, our friends across the pond have found that, “a staggering 71% of consumers feel they know more about products and services in-store than sales associates, whilst 56% claimed they...

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Dublin Irish Festival Brand Ambassadors at SWACO exhibit

15 Mar Pot of Gold Brand Ambassadors

As much as we might believe that we’re in the experiential marketing business, first and foremost, we are really in the people business. Our team could develop the most brilliant outreach strategy, peppered with high-profile event sponsorships and integrated social media contests. But, without the right...

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AEP Home Energy Savings Tour - Green Experiential Marketing

08 Mar Sustainability in Experiential Marketing

Global warming, carbon footprint, climate change, energy efficiency, green, organic, natural - these are all terms we have become very accustomed to over the last several years. So, why would your marketing efforts not jive with these trending thoughts? If you’re considering an experiential or event...

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25 Feb One Giant Leap for Marketing-Kind

"Time is money.” “There aren’t enough hours in the day.” Or my personal favorite, “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” Luckily, for all the street teams, brand ambassadors, and event marketing procrastinators,...

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10 Feb Experiential Marketing: A Modern Day Love Story

February is officially upon us. Famous for its short calendar days and freezing temperatures, it's also home to the welcomed/dreaded holiday that has everyone talking about love. So whether you've been hit by cupid's arrow, or are still searching for that perfect partner, Valentine's Day...

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04 Jan Event Marketing Strategies is a 2016 PROMO Top Shop!

Event Marketing Strategies has been named a 2016 PROMO Top Shop, selected by the editors of Chief Marketer as one of the Top 100 Promotional Marketing Agencies in the US. Along with the award, PROMO Top Shops provides a searchable directory that highlights each agency’s core...

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Little girl with butterfly face paint

10 Sep 3 Fundamental Elements of an Event Marketing Experience

As a marketer today, communicating with consumers in a competitive environment can be a daunting task. That task doubles when you have a complex message to convey. That’s where an experiential marketing program can help tremendously. Here are the three foundational elements of event marketing...

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