6 Lessons Experiential Marketers Can Learn from Martin Luther King Jr.

As one the nation’s most inspiring leaders, there are a variety of lessons one can take from Martin Luther King Jr. From starting a campaign, through its execution – we’ve nailed down the top six lessons that can be incorporated into your experiences from the legend himself.

1. Have a Dream

Martin Luther King had a vision so clear, he devoted every facet of his life to align with that dream. Without a vision, without that dream, the chances of your experience coming to life are slim. Putting the time and effort into coming up with a clear vision will not only get you going in the right direction, but will also keep you focused throughout the entire campaign. Use it as the reference point to filter all of your ideas to ensure you are creating a consistent experience.

2. Make it Relevant

At a time of civil injustice and unrest, Martin Luther King’s words were on point with the mood, feelings, and experiences of the 1960’s. Your experience needs to be relevant with what is happening around you. Incorporating pertinent technologies, social channels most used by your target audience, and setting up at events and locations most frequented by your target consumer will ensure a successful and unforgettable experience.

3. Make it Meaningful

Straight from the words of Dr. King, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others?'” Your experience must be meaningful and bring value to your audience. It’s imperative to constantly ask yourself this question as you develop your ideas. If the consumer does not see value, they will not engage and you will miss out on sharing your message.

4. Work Together

Just as MLK’s vision was to work together in hope of achieving a greater goal, bringing a meaningful experience requires more than one idea, more than one trial, more than one partner, and more than one touch. Connect on a deeper level with your consumers by hiring approachable and attentive brand ambassadors who will help communicate and personalize the message you desire to share. For added value, consider bringing on sponsors that help complete the experience. Not only will they assist with costs, but consumers will leave with a stronger perception of your brand and greater perceived value. It’s working together, with your agency, sponsors, partners, vendors, and creative team that will generate the strongest campaign.

5. Be Bold, Be Brave

Just like Dr. King had the courage to share his message, experiential marketing lets your brand deliver your message straight to the consumer and stand out from the crowd. Be straight forward in the message you are delivering and be ambitious, bold and brave in how you deliver it.

6. Now is the Time

What exactly are you waiting for? The next trend in marketing? If so, it’s here. Now is the right time for experiential marketing. Clear through the clutter, let your message be heard and delivered face-to-face with your consumers.