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Sustainability in Experiential Marketing

Global warming, carbon footprint, climate change, energy efficiency, green, organic, natural – these are all terms we have become very accustomed to over the last several years. So, why would your marketing efforts not jive with these trending thoughts? If you’re considering an experiential or event marketing campaign in your future marketing plans, take a close look at the build-out process and how you too, can capitalize on creating a more green campaign.

Here are five ways you can explore experiential displays and components to incorporate energy savvy methods into your program.


Start with LEDs (light emitting diodes). They last a long time and are the most efficient bulb on the market. If LEDs are too expensive, try the cheaper alternative of CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs for efficiently powering your display.

The Floor

There are so many recycled options in flooring today. We’ve most recently used recycled bamboo as flooring in a mobile vehicle, but there are plenty of other sustainable options. Whether indoor or outdoor flooring, think green when working through the install process.


Does your display or mobile vehicle host electronics? Chances are the electronics you are using can be ENERGY STAR® certified. The energy and cost savings could be substantial. Always explore the options and think about the long term effect.

Kiosks & Physical Displays

The simplest way to go green on the build-out of touch and feel interactives is to look at the materials with which it is being built. Recycled plastics and other materials are easy substitutes in the building process and can sometimes be more cost effective.

The Vehicle

If the goal of your program is to be consistent with a brand standard of being ‘green’ then consider the vehicle itself, is it electric or gas/diesel fueled. Also, think about clean ways to power the vehicle while it is sitting idle. For example, could you install solar panels on the roof of the vehicle, what about a wind turbine for setups that are stationary? Think about the talking points your Ambassadors now have inside of that vehicle – “this vehicle is partially powered by clean wind and solar energy.” Hello. That’s just plain cool.

See Case Study: AEP OHIO and SWACO for specific examples of how we implemented green initiatives into these event marketing programs.