Dublin Irish Festival Brand Ambassadors at SWACO exhibit

Pot of Gold Brand Ambassadors

As much as we might believe that we’re in the experiential marketing business, first and foremost, we are really in the people business.

Our team could develop the most brilliant outreach strategy, peppered with high-profile event sponsorships and integrated social media contests. But, without the right people in the field to deliver a client’s message, even the most promising marketing campaigns will fall short. Outsiders might think it’s a matter of luck, but no four-leaf clover can guarantee the impact of a successful Brand Ambassador team.

Here is one example of an experiential case study as it relates to this topic. For our client, SWACO, the goal was to educate and engage attendees about recycling through an interactive tour led by Brand Ambassadors. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s some guidelines we used to select the best people to staff this program at the largest Irish event in the country, the Dublin Irish Festival.

Passionate –

“Did you know you can RECYCLE that Guinness beer can?” That’s the kind of connection we love hearing from our Brand Ambassadors; taking elements of a brand’s message and making it relevant to an event

Representative of Brand –

Hippie meets Celtic? Demographics don’t have to be so stringent, but we certainly chose a team that embraced environmental sustainability and was fond of Irish culture

Thoroughly Trained –

Like a Riverdance performance, our Brand Ambassadors didn’t miss a step, and became specialists on our client’s conservation initiatives

Extrovert –

Outgoing, energetic people, the kind that probably owned “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirts because it’s a great excuse to start a conversation

Team Player –

Everyone showed up wearing green (no pinching here!) and ready to work together to meet our client’s experiential marketing objectives

Face-to-Face Marketing. Consumer Engagement. People. That’s what will make your event marketing program shine like gold.