Trying to find a unique way to differentiate your product or service? By working with us at an event, your company will have direct access to consumers so you can build brand equity, gain product and service exposure, and most importantly, drive results.
Strategic Planning & Program Development

Whether you have one year or one month to develop a marketing plan, lean on us. Shout out one challenge and we’ll come up with a solution. Brainstorming creative, non-traditional experiential campaigns is our sixth sense.

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Sponsorship Management

Accessing events through sponsorship is an important way to gain exposure beyond the experience. For many of our clients, we negotiate contracts and secure sponsorships at events and venues across the country for the added branding and special perks.

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Interactive Display Creation
Tabletop displays are so passé. People want and love interactions  push, jump, lean, squeeze, balance, draw, photo, clean, brush, play…it’s all about the engagement factor.  
Music & Sports Marketing
Concerts and sporting events are key ways to reach enthused and not to mention passionate audiences. We create experiences to activate and engage spectators during or before the events happen.
Mobile Tour Build-Out & Activation

When in doubt, add wheels and go! We do A to Z when it comes to creation of vehicles and exhibits to take ‘on the road’ from soliciting vendor bids to display components to branding and content creation.

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Brand Ambassador & Street Team Staffing

Having talented and energetic team members to serve as the face of brands in the field is crucial. Our team undergoes extensive training and they truly know and understand how to represent our clients and their work.

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Social Media Strategy & Integration

Media isn’t what it used to be and social isn’t an afterthought, it’s an integrated approach to reach audiences by the masses without ever even coming in direct contact with them. We creatively tailor tweets, snaps, pics and posts to generate likes, followers and most importantly shares before, during and after an experience.

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We pride ourselves on the lasting relationships we develop with each of our clients and that begins with our approach. Your business is unique which first requires a deep understanding of what you do, your needs and the goals you want to achieve. Then, through creative and strategic thinking, we develop customized, comprehensive experiential campaigns that provide memorable experiences that produce measurable results.


Our approach drives our thorough A to Z process to deliver an experiential campaign tailored for you.  While we stake our reputation on this comprehensive and collaborative method, some of our clients may only need our services at different stages of the process below and that works just fine for us too. Our menu, your choice.

01. Strategic & Creative Planning

02. Display Build-Out Management

03. Event Research & Program Routing

04. Pre-Event Implementation & Media Integration

05. On-Site Activation

06. Post-Event Analysis

See how we put these skills to work for our clients.