On the Road Again

If the first thing that comes to mind when we say “Mobile Marketing” is your cell phone, please power off the iPhone and start your engines. Instead, we’re talking about fully loaded and completely customized trucks, buses, tractor trailers, and vehicles that literally drive a client’s products and services directly to consumers at an event.

The great news is… motor coaches aren’t just for rock stars anymore! Now there are enviable rides for hundreds of brands across the country, attracting customers and groupies alike.

A mobile tour can give a client something special that a typical booth space cannot achieve. It’s the ability to pull up to an event, set-up a comprehensive engaging and interactive experiential marketing program, and then store everything right in the vehicle and travel to the next stop on the tour. The program is completely self-contained and therefore ideal for reaching multiple markets. This is also perfect for clients that are marketing time-sensitive promotions, and want to hit as many target demographic events as they can.

In addition to being efficient and practical, mobile marketing tours are just flat-out awesome. Is there anything that will bring out your inner child more than walking into an event and seeing a massive LEGO Ninjago build-out? Or will inspire you to become more energy efficient than a retrofitted AEP Ohio bus showcasing solar panels and wind turbines?

This past summer an exciting mobile tour happened when the Ohio State Fair welcomed the Almay “Simply American Tour”. The tour offered fairgoers free makeup samples and makeovers inside their glamour bus. The best part? Good Morning America even came out for a one-day ambush makeover given to a lucky new mom at the fairgrounds!

When an experiential marketing tour is so hot that a television show makes a visit, you know you’ve created a unique way to captivate an audience.

So when deciding how to differentiate your marketing strategy, think about how can you take your brand to the next level, and develop a mobile marketing tour that leaves your competitors in the rearview mirror.