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The City of Columbus aimed to tackle pressing housing issues and work towards affordable and sustainable housing solutions. To achieve this, they created the Housing For All program, designed to inform residents about current housing policies, initiatives, and the city’s commitment to safeguarding both tenants and housing providers. They also sought to disseminate crucial information about new legislative housing initiatives and renters’ rights. To expand the reach of this vital information and foster community engagement, EMS was enlisted to spearhead the Housing For All community outreach program.


EMS took on the challenge with a multi-faceted approach that combined informative branding, engaging interactions, community collaboration and a core team of knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors deeply passionate about the Housing For All objectives to speak on behalf of the program.



EMS strategically identified a comprehensive list of community events to participate in, ensuring they reached renters in need of this essential information. These events not only provided a platform to connect with the community but also served as an opportunity to forge alliances with like-minded organizations that shared Housing For All program goals and messaging. Several committing to promoting awareness of the program in tandem with their own.



EMS translated the Housing For All branding into a visually vibrant display. Informative signage and handouts were created to facilitate discussions with renters in the community. To captivate the attention of attendees, EMS introduced an interactive prize wheel featuring true/false questions to educate booth attendees. This not only drew guests to the display but also sparked engaging conversations with the field team.



In its inaugural year, the education and outreach program has so far participated in 10 events and over 845 guests have engaged in quality conversations with Brand Ambassadors at the display. The program has reached more than 6.5k impressions successfully generating increased awareness of the program throughout Columbus.



Survey results underscored the success of the outreach efforts, with an average of 76% of participants reporting that they learned about the Housing For All program and the City of Columbus housing crisis and initiatives through these community events.



EMS’s dynamic community outreach approach, including vibrant branding, engaging interactions, and strategic collaboration, played a pivotal role in raising awareness and educating the community about the Housing For All program and the critical issue of affordable housing in Columbus.

Services Provided:
  • Strategic Planning & Program Development
  • Program Logistics & Management
  • Brand Ambassador Staffing
  • Interactive Experience Creation
  • Education & Outreach
  • Anecdotal Feedback & Data Capture
Client Category: Non-profit; Government Programs


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