AEP Ohio

Making Energy Efficiency Memorable and Meaningful


AEP Ohio, like other utilities across the country, was tasked by the government to reduce energy use by residential and business customers in its territory and within a short timeframe. To drive customers to save money and energy, AEP Ohio had to effectively communicate the benefits of energy savings both individually and for the environment as well as the technology that would help them do so.


Tasked with this challenge, EMS sought to deliver interactive, informational, and memorable energy efficiency messages utilizing mobile event tours and interactive display spaces.


gridSMART from AEP Ohio Mobile Tour
In an effort to expose over 100,000 customers to the benefits of the new digital electric meters and accompanying technologies, EMS developed a sophisticated, mobile outreach and marketing center. The completely custom 40-foot RV gridSMART Mobile Tour featured six multi-media and touchscreen exhibits to engage and educate consumers on various topics including smart meters, current and future energy saving technologies, AEP Ohio sponsored energy programs, and renewable resources. The mobile vehicle and quick set-up and tear-down time provided great flexibility for reaching large numbers of people at targeted events and venues.


Home Energy Savings Tour
Challenged to address rather mundane topics of low cost and no-cost home energy efficiency measures, EMS strived to make them more exciting and memorable in order to influence customers to take action. This was achieved in two ways—creating a 38-foot mobile RV learning center and 1,200-square foot booth display that mimicked an average home. Both made stops at events within the customer territory.


The mobile tour interior featured touch screens at five stations with radio frequency identification (RFID) wireless technology that allowed guests to create a customized home energy report. The reports reflected both where guests were wasting energy and highlighted opportunities for saving. Like the gridSMART Mobile Tour, the mobile center was built with functional “green” components including solar panels, LED lighting, a state-of-the-art hybrid diesel engine and generator, as well as recycled flooring and wall materials.


The booth display was contained under a large colorful tent designed to look like a modern family home and featured refurbished and brightly painted refrigerators, as well as Smart Appliances, CFL and LED lightbulb displays, complete with energy saving tips. Utilizing each refrigerator as a personal educational module, flat screen interactive panels were built into some refrigerators in order to provide engaging educational exhibits.

Services Provided
  • Strategic Planning & Program Development
  • Interactive Experience Creation
  • Mobile Build Out & Tour Activation
  • Brand Ambassador Staffing
Client Industry: Energy Utility