“Grand Opening” Guidelines to Get People Talking

The time period between a business announcing its upcoming “Grand Opening” and officially opening its doors to the public naturally lends itself to an air of excitement. It is this anticipation of a new local partner that generates buzz within a community and sets the foundation for a successful enterprise.

When integrated effectively, a Grand Opening can be much more than a ribbon-cutting ceremony that welcomes customers into your store. Instead, more and more companies are recognizing that the weeks leading up to this unveiling are an optimal time for face-to-face consumer engagement, and are including experiential marketing in the promotional mix.

A buzz-worthy campaign must be meaningful and memorable. Founded on our expertise in this field, here are five recommendations to help make your Opening truly Grand:

1. Set Specific Goals

Retailers should begin by identifying who their target audience is in the new territory, and establishing the objectives that their experiential marketing program should achieve. Will success be measured in terms of attendance, social media mentions, leads, or post-event sales? These metrics will guide the development of your program, and ensure that all contributing parties are working towards the same goals.

2. Come up with a Crazy Cool Idea

Here is the fun part (for us)! Experiential Marketing Agencies are all about brainstorming unique programs to differentiate your company so that people WANT to engage with your brand.

Here are a three Grand Opening examples done right:

3. Integrate Your Product

Whether you’re hosting visitors at a soft opening, or activating a series of promotional activities around town, make sure your brand and its services/products are on the front line. An experiential campaign is exactly what the name implies, an opportunity for customers to EXPERIENCE what your company is trying to sell, but fun and simply. Have attendees sample your goods and interact with your products or services.

4. Have Stellar Brand(ed) Ambassadors

Choose a Brand Ambassador team that reflects the culture of your brand. These individuals and street teams will serve as the face and voice of your product, and are responsible for interacting with the community where you want to open shop. Ensure they are properly trained, full of enthusiasm, willing to engage consumers and are walking billboards for your brand—both in apparel and attitude.

5. Get People Talking! (And Remember What they’re Saying)

The benefits of using experiential marketing techniques to publicize a new neighborhood arrival are boundless. There is no better time to emotionally connect customers to your brand, create an experience that resonates with your target audience, and build brand loyalty in the market place. Have a conversation with your community, learn about their interests, and incorporate this knowledge not just into your Grand Opening, but in the many years of business ahead.