10 Creative Capabilities of an Experiential Engagement Agency

Experiential marketing is a relatively new and loosely used term, especially if you’re new to the industry. Various agencies approach experiential marketing differently due to the limitless creative possibilities. To give you an idea of some of these possibilities, we’ve outline our top 10.

1. Sponsorship Activation & Management 

Need to maximize your sponsorship for a festival or event? We will secure sponsorship opportunities and make the most of your investment through positive exposure and memorable connections.

2. Event Research & Access

Go where your audience lives, works and plays. We research and secure access to the best events and venues for your target demographic. Our team will manage the communication and logistics with the event to ensure a solid activation.

3. Tour Routing & Management

When taking your mobile marketing campaign on the road, it’s important to plan a strategic route to reach your consumers. We combine our expertise of popular events across the nation with your goals to develop a comprehensive route and manage your mobile tour.

4. New Store Grand Openings

The weeks before a grand opening should be buzzing with excitement. We get local consumers excited for your new store by creating unique experiences and incorporating engaging contests to keep the conversation going on-site and on social media.

5. Buzz & Awareness Stunts

Get outside of the box and consider an experiential marketing stunt that sets your brand apart from the rest. We generate creative ideas that spark curiosity and deliver exceptionally memorable experiences for your consumers.

6. Lead Generation & Register to Win Programs

Get to know your consumers better. Through on-site survey capture capabilities, such as lead generation and register-to-win programs, we have the tools to get the data you need.

7. Educational Outreach & Messaging

Looking to communicate a specific message or educate your consumers? We engage consumer’s senses through informational experiences that they’ll never forget.

8. Brand Ambassadors & Staffing

Having a talented and energetic team to serve as the face of a brand in the field is crucial. We provide highly trained brand ambassadors that represent our clients through quality conversations that lead to deeper connections with consumers.

9. Interactive Display Creation

Consumers desire and love interactions—push, jump, squeeze, draw, play, smile… it’s all about creating the ultimate engagement factor. We create customized brand displays that are truly interactive.

10. Mobile Vehicle Marketing

When in doubt, add wheels and go! When it comes to creation of vehicles and exhibits to take ‘on the road’ we do A to Z from soliciting vendor bids to display components to branding and content creation.

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