Sports marketing at its finest

Whether watching in-person or remotely, no one can argue against the impact of an event as impressive and sizable as the NFL Super Bowl. Brands loves sports marketing and brands love experiential marketing, and the NFL took those factors into account by creating the NFL Experience in Houston, Texas leading up to and during Super Bowl Sunday.

The ticketed event showcased player appearances and featured some of the most innovative and interactive brands in experiential marketing. “Driven by Genesis,” a Hyundai brand, this seven day indoor consumer event was filled with plenty for the whole family.

There were numerous games encouraging guests to test their football abilities featuring brands that know the impact of sports marketing like Bridgestone, Under Armour, and Snickers. Attractive to the parents of young kids, Nickelodeon brought back some of its “old school” games such as Double Dare complete with massive buckets of slime. Skittles asked consumers to Tweet #TasteTheRainbow for a chance to open a locker to win a prize, and FedEx made a grand entrance by delivering the Vince Lombardi Trophy for fans to enjoy a photo opportunity.

No matter what team you were rooting for, the experience leading up to and during the game was one to be remembered.

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