Lights, Camera, Action! Experiential Marketing Brings the Movies to You

This summer’s blockbusters may have already hit the theaters, but they gave fans more to look forward to than just popcorn and 3D glasses. That’s because experiential marketing is adding a whole new meaning to “bringing the silver screen to life.” When it comes to the movie industry, this marketing channel offers some of the most interactive and imaginative promotional strategies around.

With a variety of engagement tactics, the magic of cinema can be experienced outside of the actual theater, giving fans a unique opportunity to engage with the characters, sets, and even storylines.

“Two Thumbs Up” Consumer Engagement Programs:

  • BFG – A recreated “Giant Land” fantasy playground
  • Ghostbusters – An earth-breaking display at a London train station
  • Finding Dory – Brand Ambassador staffed mobile marketing tour
  • Suicide Squad – The edgiest program we’ve seen – offering free tattoos to die-hard fans

When done effectively, executing a targeted consumer engagement campaign can bolster the overall awareness and ticket sales of a movie.

What’s the Wow Factor?

The most effective experiential marketing strategy is one that makes people stop and say “Wow!” followed promptly by a whirlwind of social media chatter. If your movie exhilarates audience members with car chase scenes, captivates their imagination through cutting edge animation, or is a remake that pulls the nostalgia strings, how can you incorporate these attributes into your experiential marketing program? In other words, what is cool about your particular film, what sets it apart from the competition, and how do we get people to engage with it in a face-to-face marketing capacity that is not a movie theater.

Cross-Promotional Opportunities?

Alternatively, perhaps you represent a brand that could lend itself to a cross promotion with a movie, like what we saw with the Coke Zero: SkyFall Challenge. Even if you aren’t specifically in the movie industry, consider if there is a natural tie-in to your product or service that could translate into a partnership with an upcoming film. As we learned from Wayne’s World, product placement can be a lucrative endorsement deal, giving your company tremendous brand exposure.

In every successful type of event activation, creativity is key. This pivotal brainstorming phase is where an experiential marketing agency can assist with that wow factor and give your brand the five star treatment it deserves.