Bye Bye Mattress

Making Mattress Recycling a must in California


Bye Bye Mattress is a mattress recycling program with operations in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island established by law and operated by the nonprofit Mattress Recycling Council. The program launched in 2017 seeks to educate California residents on proper mattresses recycling, help residents locate their nearest recycling facility, discuss the environmental impacts of mattresses in landfills and illegal dumping and share how recycled mattresses might be repurposed.


To successfully take the mundane, but environmentally important topic of mattress recycling to communities, EMS developed a fun and engaging display to tour events all over Northern, Central, and Southern California to garner awareness for the program, promote its message and connect with communities while creating a memorable experience.

Housed under a 10’ x 10’ brightly branded inflatable tent, the experience showcases encased mattress components to give an inside look at what mattress materials can be recycled. A large map allows guests to locate their nearest recycling facility or snap a photo of the map so they know where to go when their mattress is ready to be recycled. Brand Ambassadors share more information about the program and for fun guests can partake in interactive learning games such as giant JENGA, each block features a mattress recycling fact. To measure the success of the program, guests are asked to take a survey for market research and then handed a Bye Bye Mattress BPA pen made from recycled water bottles and reusable metal straws for participation.

In its fifth year, the education and outreach program has participated in over 60 events, nearly 33k guests have engaged in quality conversations with Brand Ambassadors at the display at an event and the program has reached over 335k impressions successfully generating increased awareness of the program throughout California. Survey results also reveal that on average, 84% of participants learned about the Bye Bye Mattress program and proper mattress recycling at an event which has declined from 96% the first year of operating indicating that more and more are becoming aware of the program.

Services Provided
  • Strategic Planning & Program Development
  • Interactive Experience Creation
  • Program Logistics & Management
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Tour Activation
  • Brand Ambassador Staffing
Client Category: Non-profit Recycling & Sustainability