Upon acquiring WOW! Internet, Breezeline faced a dual challenge. Firstly, they needed to ensure a smooth transition for existing WOW! Internet customers, providing them with essential information to avoid any disruptions during the transition. Secondly, they sought to expand their customer base by sharing the benefits of Breezeline and registering new customers. EMS was selected for our reliable and highly trained Brand Ambassador team who could reach the sizable database of customers in Columbus and Cleveland within a very short timeframe.


EMS assembled an all-star team of Brand Ambassadors with a solid understanding of the Breezeline internet services. The team’s primary mission was to provide existing WOW! Internet customers with essential information about the transition to Breezeline including details on how to update their service seamlessly without any disruption. The approach prioritized customer education and satisfaction, ensuring that users had the knowledge they needed to make the transition confidently.



Key steps in the solution included:


  • Efficient Door-to-Door Engagement: EMS meticulously planned a door-to-door engagement strategy to reach every customer in Breezeline’s database in the cities of Columbus and Cleveland. The Brand Ambassadors embarked on a route that efficiently covered neighborhoods, ensuring that every user received the necessary information.
  • Informative Approach: The Brand Ambassadors primary objective was to provide information and guidance to customers. This approach was appreciated by users who valued receiving information without any pressure to make a purchase.


  • Strategic Canvassing: In addition to targeting existing users, the field team also canvassed areas where Breezeline’s internet service would be provided. This included canvassing locations such as apartment complexes and the Ohio State University Campus and its surrounding areas.
The collaboration between Breezeline and EMS resulted in a successful transition for WOW! Internet customers to the new service. Existing users received essential information, minimizing the risk of service disruption during the transition. Customers appreciated the informative approach and expressed gratitude for not being pressured to make a purchase. The field team effectively canvassed areas where Breezeline’s internet service would be available, contributing to increased awareness and signups.

This case study illustrates how EMS’s strategic approach and knowledgeable Brand Ambassador team assisted Breezeline in making the internet signup process a seamless and informative experience for customers, both existing and new.

Services Provided:
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Program Logistics & Management
  • Brand Ambassador Staffing
  • Research & Routing
  • Street Team Canvassing
  • Anecdotal Feedback & Data Capture
Client Category: Internet


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