Ellie Buerk


As a resident of Ohio her whole life, Ellie found her home in Columbus 4 years ago. Through her education at The Ohio State University and time at EMS, Ellie discovered her passion in communication and relationship-building. Prior to EMS, Ellie worked in various customer-facing roles, allowing her to have the ability to connect and thrive in the role of Sponsor Relations Manager. Now overseeing the activation and implementation of corporate partners at the Ohio State Fair, Arnold Sports Festival and Columbus Jazz & Rib Fest, Ellie uses her innate ability to connect to best understand the wants and needs of the sponsors. Ellie strives to help sponsors achieve their goals and bring their ideas to life.

As an avid dog lover and someone who loves to stay active, you can find her out walking dogs or trying out the latest workout class in Columbus.

StrengthsFinder: Empathy, Developer, Restorative, Responsibility, Harmony

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