Bye Bye Mattress

Making Mattress Recycling a must in California


A new program established by the Mattress Recycling Council, Bye Bye Mattress seeks to educate residents on proper mattress recycling practices, locations and its benefits to the environment as well as how mattress materials can be repurposed into new products. After a law was passed in the state of California in support of the program, EMS developed an interactive experiential campaign that was implemented at a variety of events to deliver residents this valuable information in a fun and engaging way.


Bright, bold and playful, EMS captured the essence of the Bye Bye Mattress brand under two 10’x10’ inflatable tents housing educational games, survey capture and a photo opportunity for a memorable experience. Brand Ambassadors encouraged guests to come into the display to learn more about mattress recycling. A kiosk with signage featured messaging and a two-sided dry erase board with games to attract young children including a mattress maze and mattress material and repurposed product matching game. The kiosk also displayed four iPads equipped with a fun, animated and timed mattress recycling game that challenged guests to keep as many mattresses as possible out of the landfill by dragging and dropping them into the mattress recycling facility.


With the kids preoccupied, Brand Ambassadors captured important information from adults through a quick iPad survey. Guests were then handed additional mattress recycling information such as a rack card depicting locations nearest the event and the team utilized clear tubes filled with mattress materials to communicate how those materials would be stripped from a mattress at the recycling facility and repurposed into new products.


The experience concluded with a playful photo experience on a green screen backdrop that revealed a giant mattress with arms open appearing to hug guests in the photo and holding a sign with a cheeky statement exclaiming, “Hurray! We’re not in the dumps!” The photo was delivered to personal emails to share via social media channels.

Services Provided
  • Strategic Planning & Program Development
  • Interactive Experience Creation
  • Program Logistics & Management
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Tour Activation
  • Brand Ambassador Staffing
Client Category: Non-profit Recycling & Sustainability



surveys were captured


emails established the non-profit's first ever database


of guests surveyed pledged to recycle their mattress after learning about the program


of guests had heard of the program which generated significant awareness

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